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A plant has born from the wild heart of a unique land: the oak, the symbolic tree of Sardinia.

It is born alone without human intervention. It is mainly present in uncontaminated forests and continually struggles with nature to have its own living space. For centuries, it has grown with majesty and difference, with shapes drawn by the wind, and fed by the wind and the sun.

The fruit of the oak is the acorn called the "Làndhe" in Sardinian language.

Only the best acorns are handpicked from spotless forests then dried and distilled to produce a unique distillate in the world, Làndhe. An incredible result, an experience without precedent.

The strength of the smell will bring you right back to the shade of an oak. The taste changes with each sip and brings back hidden memories of childhood and adulthood. The amber color resembles the ancient and wildness of the land from which it came from.

Làndhe has born from years of studies and research, together with the best Italian universities. No computers into the process, only the passion, the knowledge and the hand of Fabio, aimed to produce a unique distillate without parallel. An extremely limited production is intended for curious, enthusiasts and experts. A unique, unforgettable experience.


“Frutti di Bosco” is the only commercial enterprise in Sardinia to grow fresh berries It is located in the countryside of Tempio Pausania at an altitude of 554 metres above the sea level and at the foot of Mountain Limbara.

In 2019 the agricultural business diversified with an artisanal distillery called “Arsura”. The Distillery produces a 100% acorn distillate with manually harvested cork oak acorns without sugar or caramel additives or aging in wood barrel.

Entirely hand made in Sardinia including the wooden gift case which is crafted and fire branded in Mamoiada, the braille label printed in Ortacesus and the cork tag produced in Calangianus.

The acorn distillate is unique, the only one produced in the world. The acorns are hand-picked then dried and ground. By adding enzymes the starch becomes sugar after fermentation. It is distilled in copper alembic stills of 140 litres capacity which have been uniquely engineered for “Arsura”.

The notes, scents and flavors are soft and elegant, free from acidity. The yearly production of “Arsura” Acorn Distillate is strictly limited to 2000 individually numbered bottles.


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